The Ball is Round
The Djurgarden of Eden

The Djurgarden of Eden - New home, new team but same old home form problems for Djurgarden IF against BK Hacken

Just over a year ago I was lucky enough to attend one of the final football matches played in the Olympia Stadion in Stockholm.  In normal circumstances, clubs move elsewhere because they have outgrown their grounds and they can gain greater financial rewards by moving to the out-of-town, identikit stadiums.  In the case of the Olympia Stadion, and its then tenants, Djurgården IF, it was a case…

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Spanish eyes aren’t smiling today

Spanish eyes aren’t smiling today - Lewes stumble to defeat against Hastings although all eyes were on the ref

During the summer months my licence to roam to watch football carries a few endorsements.  I have to factor in “family time” around any games I want to get to, and my wanderlust desire is relatively muted – after all who really wants to drive 5 hours to Bangor City on a Thursday night just to watch some football (that’s what I told myself after I lost a coin toss a few weeks ago).  Last weekend,…

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Five things from….Argentina 0 Germany 1

Five things from….Argentina 0 Germany 1 - Concussion cam, Easyjet Rio, the village idiot and goal faces

So this is it. 30 days since it all started, over 15,000 words written on this blog and countless beers in the name of World Cup research.  The two best teams in the world?  Possibly not.  The two best teams in the tournament?  Maybe.  But when has the best two teams ever competed in the final?  That is the beauty of the tournament.  But here I am with split loyalties.  My head and heart says…

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The Golden Generation of German football

The Golden Generation of German football - Five years on and six of the winning UEFA U21 team line up in the biggest game in the world

There has been millions of words written about the most remarkable game in the history of the World Cup Finals.  The six or so first half minutes when Germany scored four goals in Belo Horizonte stunned 60,000 fans in the Estadio Mineirao, the 200 million Brazilians watching on TV and hundreds of millions more around the world.  The Germans showed little mercy for some appalling defensive play,…

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Matt finish saves Hammer’s pre-season blushes

Matt finish saves Hammer’s pre-season blushes - A late Jarvis equaliser against Stevenage in 1st pre-season run out

At the end of last season many West Ham fans faced a dilemma.  Premier League survival had been assured, which of course was the prime objective of any club outside the top seven every season, especially with the increased revenues available from the overseas TV rights but the team had gone backwards under Sam Allardyce.  In the previous season the club had finished in 10th spot, and with the big…

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Five things from….Brazil 0 Netherlands 3

Five things from….Brazil 0 Netherlands 3 - Homer, Side Show Bob, Premier League stars, 5 words we have dreaded and the lie about Big Phil

We all know this is the game that neither team really wants to play. I’m sure a lot of the Dutch team would want to be on a beach somewhere, enjoying a week or so of R & R before they all sign for Manchester United (well, apart from RVP of course).  For Brazil they can’t go anywhere – they have to live with the crushing disappointment for the rest of their careers.  But history has shown that…

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Don’t believe the Hyypia

Don’t believe the Hyypia - @officialBHA put on a 5 star show in the opening game of @lewes_cfc season

It’s always nice to build up to a climax in your season, knowing that those cold Tuesday night away trips to the corners of Suffolk when the last train leaves before you have entered injury time have not been in vain.  The thought of a cup final or a final play-off push gets everyone behind the club, pushing attendances up and general adding to the club’s bank account.  But for many Non-League…

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Five things from….Netherlands 0 Costa Rica 0

Five things from….Netherlands 0 Costa Rica 0 - Frank Bough’s Grandstand finish, Tracksuit pensioners & Krul luck

The quarter-finals haven’t yet set the competition alight after such a barn-storming group stage.  So far the games have gone to form and there was little chance that the final game would throw up a surprise.  Whilst our hearts may have wanted Costa Rica, the 66/1 outsiders, to progress, it would take a super human effort for them to outwit the Dutch.  They’ve been what has been good and bad in…

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Five things from….Brazil 2 Colombia 1

Five things from….Brazil 2 Colombia 1 - Two heads of Townsend Gummidge, biased refereeing and next goal wins

I thought the wait would never end…finally we have football back on our TVs.  With it being hotter than Greece*I decided to keep the al fresco feeling going and took the World Cup to the masses.  Well, my neighbours actually by using my little travel (work) projector to beam the game onto the side of the house.  They were impressed.  So impressed that they announced 10 minutes before kick off…

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Five things from….France 0 Germany 1

Five things from….France 0 Germany 1 - Crazy camera angles, pointless ceremony and David Luiz

We had a bet at home that the 1982 Battiston incident would be mentioned within 30 seconds of the TV coverage. We were wrong – it was 45 seconds and then it seemed every 10 minutes under Jonathan Pearce’s commentary. He did tell us though that Germany have never won the World Cup wearing anything but black shorts.  Thanks JP.

In terms of intrigue, this game promised a lot. Neither team were…

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